I still remember the first time when I was introduced to the two buzz words, OLTP and OLAP; I found it very confusing. It was around 7 years back during my university days. But now, it’s a very simple concept for me. …

As monolithic systems become too large to deal with, many enterprises are drawn to breaking them down into the microservices architectural style. It is a worthwhile journey, but not an easy one.

Monolithic to Microservice | Breakdown

Why Monolithic?

Monolithic could work if your goal is to just create a small application for in-house functions, such as…

Last week, I was thinking of how to inspire/encourage a kid to understand coding and my conclusion at the end confirms that it’s really a very difficult task overall.
I thought of something different — let’s play a game and explain the working of a game to the kid with a…

Stupid implementation of the deleteAll() method

The server showed a great latency issue while running deleteAll operation with Spring Boot JPA -> Service becomes unresponsive.

The spring boot JPA uses a SELECT * in its deleteAll method as the default implementation. It was reading all rows and then executing the…

Availability is generally calculated based on how long service was unavailable over some period. Assuming no planned downtime, the table below indicates how much downtime is permitted to reach a given availability level.

Using an aggregate unavailability metric (i.e., “X% of all operations failed”) is more useful than focusing on outage lengths for services that may be partially available — for instance, due to having multiple replicas, only some of which are unavailable — and for services whose load varies over the course of a day or week rather than remaining constant.

Technologies on-demand:

  1. Java Spring Boot

2. Python Django

Skills on-demand:

  1. Object-Oriented Programming
  2. Problem Solving & DSA
  3. System Design

Having any 3–4 in your projects will set you apart from other candidates:

  1. Used Caching
  2. Used Message Queues
  3. Used Indexes in DB to optimize queries
  4. Knows & Used SQL & NoSQL Databases
  5. Having worked with some AWS services
  6. Used any TimeSeries DB or/and performance monitoring tool
  7. Working on microservices
  8. Unit testing (JUnit and Mockito for Java Spring Boot) and Git
  9. Version control system like GIT is a good skill to have.

Other skills:

  1. Check 14 leadership principles by Amazon
  2. Use the Star technique to explain anything
  3. Clean & readable code
  4. Good communication

Where Data Structures are used in the real world?

Let’s see it with some examples

1. Graphs

- Graphs are very interesting Data Structures and my personal favorite.

- You have seen the friend suggestions on Facebook. Haven’t you?

- So basically they are fetched using graphs based on the…

Once you are financially secure, there is no difference in the quality of life between you and the richest person on earth. You both have limited time on earth. A sandwich is a sandwich whether a billionaire eats or you do.

Money is nothing but a piece of paper or a number on your phone. Real life is in relationships.

Work on something you love, become financially secure, have good food, enjoy your relationships, take care of your parents and find a bigger purpose to help others. That’s all there is to life.

Time is the real currency of life, not money. If you are young, you are far richer than an old billionaire walking the earth.

Sooner you figure this out, the happier you will be.

Below are the few commands to do a quick check and to monitor the server.

Check for the RAM usage

free -m

Check for the disk usage

df -h <path>

Check for the iNode usage
- if there are disk read and writes happening, this can be a bottleneck.


When I look at a complex bit of SQL Code, this is what I do.

See if there’s update or delete

First, if it is an update or delete, I add code (if it isn’t there and commented out) to make it a select. Never try an update or delete for the first time without seeing…

Ashutosh Kumar

Backend Engineering | BIT Mesra | Building Microservices and Scalable Apps | Mentor

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