4 Rules to Master the Communication Skills

Good communication is not something one can learn in a day, it’s an attitude which comes with long practice.

Master communication with 2 simple rules

For example: Remember, the first time you cooked, let’s say, any curry; How was the experience? You must have put all the ingredients with some measurements, still, there must have been some missing, right? How was the same or similar curry when you cooked it for 10–12 times, now, this seems perfect on its own.

Another example, How was your driving experience when you first drove your geared two-wheeler, putting the vehicle in motion with the gear shift must have been a bit tough task, but what about the same thing now? Do you ever face the same problem? No, why?

The answer is just the practice, experience and the time spent in doing the same things repeatedly. Same goes with any activity in life and communication also follows the same thing. But, the next question is what to practice? And many people fear a lot to start the journey of mastery?

Why fear?

The fear is if I start bad or poor, people will start laughing, right? Obviously, people will laugh and it should be measured as an incremental improvement.
How many will laugh, only the bunch of people with whom you will practice? Count of people is 50–60, don’t keep it more than that. With the laughs of 50–60 people, you’re missing the upcoming appreciation from 1000s of people, are you doing justice to yourself?

For example, when a person starts a new business, he never gets success within a year, few find it difficult in even the next 5 years. But after enough experience and practice, the business grows and once it starts growing, the journey continues and people only remember the success.
The experience is the same as cooking a curry or driving a vehicle. Everything needs time, experience and enough practice. Please practice it enough to become an expert.

Tough question, what a person should practice to master the communication?

This is really a serious question and I’ll share with you four mastery tricks to be excellent in communication if you practice it enough, practice and practice. Below are the rules.

Rule #1
Use headlines approach.

Remember, the headlines in newspaper and tv channels. Will, you ever read any newspaper which lacks headlines, Never, right?
Then, how you can expect people to listen to you if you won’t tell them the headline of your communication. So, whenever you speak about anything to anyone, always use some headlines and then, only elaborate more on that. Try practising, you’ll become an expert.

For example, You meet with a girl/guy in a pub and you want to talk, right? Do you know how to start? Don’t be cheap.

Just start with a headline, if you’re not over, try this “XYZ” drink, you’ll thank me forever. Post this headline, talk about flavours, ingredients and all the stories you want to talk.

Rule #2
Use PREP, Point Reason Example Point

Whenever you talk, always follow the PREP approach. Start with a point, support your point with a solid reason, then give some successful examples and then, again tell the same point in a different way but it should convey the same meaning with no distractions. Try this and thank me later.

For example, In your office meeting, you’re presenting a new idea, let’s say you want the company to start some initiative; like doing some events for increasing sales.

One way is to tell “Let’s do this event and in this event, we will do X things, Y things, Z things and so on. And then, tell about the benefits and other things”
But this is not a good idea.

The best way will be the PREP approach.

Start the conversation with PREP :

1. How many people have heard of this event? (Headline)
Elaborate a bit about the event, POINT

2. Give your reasons for suggesting about the event. Explain a bit about various pros and very less of cons, REASON

3. Let the people know some examples like “ABC company did the same event last year and they made XXX $ benefits” or “The author well described this event and as per QPR survey, this is expected to return the benefits worth AAA $”, EXAMPLE

4. Then, again tell the same thing as Point 1. , a bit about the event but in a different style, POINT

So, follow the above 2 rules and become good in communication and conversation. Go outside, practice and talk.

The next 2 rules will come in my next piece of writing very soon. If you will apply all the 4 rules, you’ll become an expert from good.

Stay tuned and updated.

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